WEMS School Policies & Information – Baltimore City School Uniforms & Rules

THE WEMS Uniform Policy

The Woodhome staff believes that a safe & disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a high-performing school. The implementation of school uniforms helps minimize disruptive behavior, promote respect for oneself and others, build school/community spirit & more significantly, help to maintain high academic standards. In addition, it allows for the identification of intruders on campus & encourages students to concentrate on learning rather than on what they are wearing.

All students are required to arrive at school each day, neatly dressed in uniform. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the uniform code for Woodhome Elementary/Middle School, which is in concordance with the Exclusionary Dress Code policy for Baltimore City Public Schools.


Woodhome Elementary Middle School Uniform

  1. All clothing is to be neat, clean, worn as intended & of the proper fit.
  2. All shirts must be tucked in (HIGHLY SUGGESTED)
  3. A belt (no large buckles) is required for all students.
  4. Students may wear a solid color, long-sleeved shirt (navy blue, black or white) under their uniform shirt when the weather permits.
  5. Please be prepared for cooler weather. Students are allowed to wear a solid-colored sweater (in uniform colors- green, light blue, navy blue, black or white) in the classroom when weather permits. Coats & jackets will not be worn in the building & will be stored in the student’s lockers.
  6. Students are not to wear any clothing that has a hood attached. This includes sweatshirts.
  7. Students are not permitted to wear hats of any type or sunglasses into school buildings.
  8. Footwear such as slippers, “Heely’s”, high-heeled shoes, and flip-flops are not permitted.
  9. No Jeans or Denim Are To Be Worn- Even Under Skirts.
  10. Students are not permitted to wear excessively large or extravagant jewelry; including bangle bracelets, large dangly earrings, and plastic beads.

Clothing & Uniform Policy

The administration reserves the right to make this determination where questionable. It is advisable that girls wear opaque stockings or shorts under skirts. Pants & shorts must be worn at the waist & a belt must be worn if appropriate. Torn jeans, shorts or skirts are unacceptable. NO sweatpants, jogging pants or basketball shorts are allowed. Jeans may have limited decorations & embroidery if school appropriate. Overalls are not permitted.

Purchasing Your Uniform

School Uniforms

Uniforms can be purchased by completing the order form (accessible below). You may also visit the company’s website we use to provide us the best quality school uniforms. Search for Woodhome options & select the appropriate grade level(s) you need.

Visit Uniform Co. Website
Download Order Form

Uniform Polo/Tee Shirts:

PreK – 2nd Grades: Dark Green (Hunter Green)

3rd – 6th Grades: Light Blue

7th – 8th Grades: Navy Blue

Acceptable bottoms are khaki pants, skirts, capris & jumpers.

Parents, please partner with the school as we strictly enforce the dress code. The dress code is a means of safety for all students. Having a dress code allows us to be able to quickly identify Woodhome students in case of emergencies. Also it sets the tone for students, sharing that we are ready and prepared to learn in a proper educational setting.

Hats & Hair

No hats, bandanas or any other head covering may be worn in school. No sweatbands, hats, hair rollers or hair curlers are allowed. Metal combs are prohibited.


Slippers, high heels & flip-flops are not allowed. For safety, shoes with open toes must have a back strap or be enclosed.

Additional Items

Uniform Rules

No real or imitation fur or animal skin jackets, coats, vests, pants or skirts are allowed. Coats are not to be worn during the school day. o clothing may be designed or altered to expose undergarments or parts of the body except arms & legs. Tops may not be transparent, mesh, tank, midriff, halter, muscle, or cut up. Undershirts (white t-shirts) are not appropriate. Apparel printed with vulgar statements or statements promoting the use of drugs, alcohol or sex and/or violence are prohibited. NO spandex sportswear is allowed as outerwear.

Jewelry & Belts

Because theft and/or loss are a school security concern, the wearing of precious jewelry in our school is prohibited. Jewelry itself should be limited. Watches only are permitted as wrist jewelry.

No multi-fingered rings are allowed. Small religious or personal necklaces may be worn tucked inside the shirt. Earrings may be worn if they are small & do not interfere with learning. They should be no larger or longer than a nickel. Hoop earrings must be small enough that a nickel can not pass through the opening. Belts with large buckle plates are not permitted.

Of course, students must also adhere to any additional guidelines set forth by the Baltimore City Public School System.

Consequences for Uniform/Dress Code Violations

Parents will need to bring appropriate clothing for school. If a parent cannot be contacted, the following may occur:

  • A student will be required to use the rope/belt provided by the administration if he/she is not wearing his/her pants at the waist.
  • A student may be given a shirt to cover inappropriate attire.

Students with repeated violations are subject to loss of privileges & rewards, also suspensions.

It is hoped that all students Will wear their Woodhome uniform with pride. Please support your child by enforcing the uniform code. The school surveyed parents, students & teachers before implementing this policy.

The exclusionary dress code listed above is the Baltimore city public school’s dress code & must be enforced by Woodhome school.

Illness & Medication


If a student is ill or injured, he/she should remain home so that the parent may take the proper care. The school does not have & cannot give aspirin or any other medications.

If a student is taking medication prescribed by the doctor, the medication (in the original bottle/packaging) with a note from the parent & doctor, must be taken to the health suite.

We must adhere to the Baltimore City Health Department rules & regulations governing medication. The parent & doctor must sign a release for students to take medication during school hours. If the student becomes seriously ill during the school day, he/she must obtain a pass from the teacher& report to the Health Suite. Most headaches, colds & etc. are not considered serious illnesses.

Any over-the-counter medication (in the original bottle) will require a note from a doctor & the parent. The note should indicate the amount of medicine to be taken along with the time it is to be taken.

Baltimore City Health Department policies will be followed.

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Student Drop Off

Dropping Off Students in the Morning

Parents: Please have your students arrive at Woodhome on the blacktop area behind the cafeteria during the drop off times and locations listed below. Breakfast will be served at the end of the drop off time.

After entry time ends instruction has begun & students will begin to be marked late or absent. If late, all students of all ages must come in through the main entrance. They will be directed to the main office for their late passes.

Please try to avoid a tardy slip and be here by the time listed below every day!

Breakfast will be served at that time and it’s a fact that our minds need nutrition to learn!

Picking Up Students in the Afternoon

Please, for the safety of our children and community obey street signs and traffic laws. Do NOT stop on Moyer Avenue at all unless curb parking is available. NO DOUBLE PARKING. Please park at the Parkville Baptist Church by the school if parking on Moyer or the school lot is full.

Parents: Dismissal time is crucial. To ensure social distancing, please do not pick up your students between 2:00-2:25 unless for an emergency. If in the event of an emergency and you must pick up your child at this time please call the school office ASAP. In the event of an early pick up only the legal guardian or legally designated adult can pick up the student. All adults must remain outside the main lobby door until the child is called down.

Woodhome Arrival Dismissal Locations

Wems Schedules & Locations

Drop-off Schedule

Classroom Breakfast – 7:45 AM – 8:00 AM

Morning Entry

Earliest Drop-off at 7:40 AM

  • Students of all ages
  • PreK
  • Tot Lot (PreK playground)
  • Kindergarten & Ms Metz’s Class

Main entrance – 1st & 2nd Grade

Secondary entrance – 3rd-8th Grade

Meet behind the cafeteria on the blacktop. It is located by the playground. You can access this area via our parking lot.

Lateness for all at 8:00 AM – Main or Lot Entrances – Students must obtain a late pass from the main office

Lunch Schedule

School Lunch

Pre-K, K & 1st Grade – 10:25 AM – 11:10 AM

2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade – 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

5th & 6th Grade – 12:05 PM – 12:50 PM

7th & 8th Grade – 12:55 PM – 1:40 PM

Dismissal Schedule

Pre-K – 5th Grade – 2:25 PM

Tot Lot – PreK only

Secondary Door – 1st & 2nd grade

Main door – Kindergarten

Ms Metz’s Class – 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade

Middle School (6th-8th) – 2:30 PM

Exit doors to big playground – 6th grade

Exit doors to back of school –  7th & 8th grade

Student Grades & Promotion



Grades reflect academic growth in relation to performance. Since habits and attitudes affect achievement, they are important. Teachers assign grades based on class participation, tests, quizzes, homework, notebook, materials, class assignments, Curriculum Assessments and special projects. (Receiving passing grades on tests or homework alone does not determine a final grade.)

The final grade is based on the teacher’s evaluation of overall performance. Elementary grades are also determined, as appropriate, by Stanford and quarterly curriculum assessments. Middle school grades will include all major subject areas. Grades are reported quarterly in November, February, April and June.

Too many absences damage a student’s chance of passing. ONE CANNOT LEARN IF HE/SHE IS NOT HERE! In order to be promoted to the next grade, a student must meet all of the requirements established by the New Baltimore City School Commissioners and the Maryland State Department of Education. Please click to see our grading policy.

Excellence & Honor Rolls

Students with outstanding achievements will be rewarded:

The Excellence Roll – 90/E or better in each major subject. Satisfactory conduct & work habits.

The Honor Roll – 80/G or better in each major subject. Satisfactory conduct & work habits. Students must achieve Satisfactory or better in their Resource/SPAR classes to make an achievement roll.

Progress Reports/Report Cards

Progress reports will be issued at the end of each quarter. Middle school progress reports are printed on a computer and include written comments from the teachers. Parents should read carefully and schedule conferences as warranted. Elementary progress reports are not yet on a computerized system and remain similar to previous years. Mid-quarter status is reported to parents in a similar manner.