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Woodhome strives to develop an engaging & nurturing learning environment for students that creates academically, socially, and culturally proficient students who are college & career ready.

Together, we make our school special.

What Students Do:

  • Log in/Arrive on time

  • Come prepared to work

  • Complete homework assignments

  • Participate in class

  • Follow school rules

  • Get along with others

  • Respect everyone

WEMS Schedule

A Woodhome Wildcat ROARS and the O stands for On-Time! Check out our daily schedule to find out drop-off, lunch, and dismissal times for your children!

What Teachers Do:

  • Greet students at the door

  • Plan activities to help students learn

  • Check homework

  • Assign meaningful work with follow-up

  • Make learning fun

  • Set a good example

  • Help students work out problems

News & Announcements

Parents!: Please sign up for Class DOJO if you haven't already to be up to date with school events! E-mail your teacher today!

Woodhome is an EGATE School!: 

Woodhome is proud of the Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education program!



Woodhome Elementary & Middle School is a GAL site, where we nurture the needs of our Gifted & Advanced Learning scholars. These education services are available to students in Grades K-12 throughout Maryland. Multiple criteria are reviewed to identify students who need high-end services within an authentic curriculum of rigorous performance expectations. 

Woodhome Elementary & Middle School PBIS program


We believe in catching your child being good 

& rewarding them!

Our school ROARS! 






Your child earns "PAWS" when they follow the school rules. PAWS are cashed in for prizes. The more PAWS, the better the prizes! We will be giving quarterly incentives throughout the year for those students with great behavior & attendance! 

The PBIS committee meets every month to discuss the program. If you'd like to learn more about PBIS & the program expectations, please download the resource guide. 


At Woodhome, we provide students with everyday opportunities to engage in creativity of the arts, develop strong & growing physical health, and learn skills outside traditional academia.

The Spar Vision
Woodhome's spar team strives to create harmony between students of all ages, faculty, and staff to provide an overall unification creating a positive, safe, and supportive community.


Art classes are provided by one of Woodhome's School Partners, Art with a Heart. Mr. Whitehead leads students as the class instructor. Students learn different art forms. They develop their own artistic creativity & uniqueness to each project & classroom experience.


Music offers highly culture-themed genres & experiences for students to learn how to read & write basic rhythms & melodies.

Students develop music literacy skills, knowledge of culture, geography & history. They also have the opportunity to perform in a music ensemble.

Phys Ed

Mr. Reynolds is our P.E. teacher & students' physical health is crucial to him. Students will learn new games, sporting techniques & have opportunities to try out for afterschool teams. Gym class is offered during the school day Mon-Wed on A Weeks & Mon-Tues on B Weeks


Technology (computer class) is offered to students every day of the school week. Grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade learn how to responsibly use today's computers which can include coding, website design, game design, stock market understading, and much more!