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Where Excellence is Expected


At Woodhome, we provide students with everyday opportunities to engage in creativity of the arts, develop strong & growing physical health & learn skills outside the traditional academia.

Woodhome's SPAR strives to create harmony between students of all ages, faculty, and staff to provide an overall unification creating a positive, safe, and supportive community.

Gym & Physical Education

Mr. Reynolds is our P.E. teacher & students' physical health is crucial to him. Students will learn new games, sporting techniques & have opportunities to try out for afterschool teams. Gym class is offered during the school day Mon-Wed on A Weeks & Mon-Tues on B Weeks


Mr. Blandon teaches music to grades PreK - 8th. His classes offer highly culture-themed genres & experiences for students to learn how to read & write basic rhythms & melodies.

Students develop music literacy skills, knowledge of culture, geography & history. They also have the opportunity to perform in a music ensemble.


Art classes are provided by one of Woodhome's School Partners, Art with a Heart. Mr. Whitehead leads students as the class instructor. Students learn different art forms. They develop their own artistic creativity & uniqueness to each project & classroom experience.

Computer & 


Technology (computer class) is offered to students every day of the school week. Grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade learn how to responsibly use today's computers & for learning stock markey & foreign languages.



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