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Ms Hilliard was born on January 25,1968 in Taboro, NC as the youngest of 8. Her parents moved to Baltimore when she was very young. Ms Hilliard was among the first group of students to open Harford Heights Elementary School and later she attended Hamilton Junior High School. For high school, she attended the elite Western HS and graduated in 1986. Ms Hilliard attended Bowie State College in the fall of 1986. By the time she graduated from Bowie in May of 1990, with a Bachelor's of Science in psychology, it had become an official university: Bowie State University.

Ms Hilliard later went back to BSU to get her Masters in Special Education. She started her career with Baltimore City Public Schools in 1992 as a general educator. Then she became a special educator and now she is the IEP chair for Woodhome and Gardenville. Ms Hilliard has one son who is 25 years old.