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Dr Sallin joined us for the 2019-2020 school year to teach middle school science at Woodhome. She has two Bachelor’s degrees: one in microbiology and one in biochemistry from North Carolina State University. Dr Sallin is called "Dr Sallin" because she has a Doctorate of Philosophy in molecular medicine from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She spent fifteen years as a research scientist studying immunology in infectious disease, cancer, and neurological diseases prior to making a career change to be a middle school science teacher.  

Dr Sallin chose to come to Woodhome Elementary Middle School because of the small student body that allows teachers to interact with students throughout their elementary and middle school education while building a stronger community to support the development of the whole student.  

When she is not at school Dr Sallin likes to spend time with her husband working on building jeeps, off-roading, and camping.