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Mr Maynard works for Code in the Schools, a non-profit in Baltimore City with a mission to bring computer science education to under-represented communities in the tech field. Code in the Schools is in its 3rd year of partnership with Woodhome and Mr Maynard has been the Technology teacher at Woodhome during this partnership. In the summer months, Mr Maynard is the Site Manager for the CodeWorks program that Code in the Schools runs in partnership with YouthWorks and The Mayor's Office of Employment Development. 

Before working with Code in the Schools, Mr Maynard taught Computer Science for 4 years outside Washington, DC with the National Society of Black Engineers' SEEK Program. He earned his Bachelor's of Arts in Digital Media Design and Master’s in Data Analytics from National University in La Jolla, California.

Mr Maynard has spent 10 years working with non-profit organizations with the goal of improving youth access, understanding and knowledge of technology to prepare them for future careers in the technology field.