Woodhome Band, Orchestra & Chorus

We're proud of our three wildcat ensembles

Join us for a fantastic musical experience to cherish for a lifetime!

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Welcome Letters & Forms Coming Soon

We would LOVE to have you join our Band, Orchestra or Chorus at Woodhome Elementary & Middle School. Please fill out an information/permission form & contact Ms. Richards by e-mail. 

Ms. Richards, Director

Chorus & YWC


Instruments & Books

Band Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone & Bell Kit

String Orchestra Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass

All band students need the book titled, "Standard of Excellence, Book 1"

All string students need the book titled, "Essential Elements for Strings, Book 1"

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Rentals & Rent-to-Own

Please rent an instrument (DO NOT BUY ONE). Many companies will paint instruments fun colors to market & attract students. These instruments tend to be low-quality & break easily. The following stores (Music & Arts and Music Land) are guaranteed to rent high-quality choices with Rent-to-Own programs.

Music & Arts in Baltimore MD

Music & Arts | Shop Now

Music Land Baltimore MD

Music Land | Shop Now

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Rehearsal Schedule & Lessons

The First Monday of every month is a STAFF MEETING.

No music rehearsals those first Mondays. 

Band | TBA

Orchestra | TBA

Chorus | Mondays & Fridays in Room 103 | 2:45pm - 3:45pm

Concert Information

Next School Concert: TBA

What to Wear

When deciding what to wear to a concert, we say "Concert Black."


  • Plain white dress shirt with plain white garment under OR black dress shirt (sleeves or sleeveless). Cut of shirt cannot be low in front or back.

  • Black skirts may be worn & must reach down to mid-calf or lower OR black dress slacks. NO skin-tight options or jeans.

  • A long black dress is another option.

  • Black stockings - legs, ankles & feet covered, with black dress shoes (flat or very low heel).


  • Plain white buttoned dress shirts (sleeves or sleeveless) with plain white tee underneath. 

  • Long Black neck tie

  • Black dress slacks with black belt (or suspenders) NO skin-tight options or jeans.

  • Long black socks with black dress shoes (NO sneakers/athletics).

All Genders - Keep jewelry to a minimum. 

No leather or revealing/see-through clothing. 

The purpose for concert attire is to begin teaching our students pride, unity & code of professional conduct & presentation, as they one day may be traveling to represent our school & community.